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Indus Weld Tech is an ISO 9001-2008 certified training institute dedicated to provide various types of value added skill development training program in the field of welding, engineering, metallurgy, trouble shooting in welding, different types of welding methods, advanced welding techniques etc. Indus Weld Tech is a pioneer training institute imparts skill development training, technology transfers to the various types of industries based on their needs. It provides awareness, importance & new dimension to the small. Medium & large scale industries, in terms of technical and cost reduction techniques. Indus Weld Tech training programs will help the welders to execute the welding job within the prescribed lead time. The institute offers state of art tailor made programs for the industries, independent welders & external interested candidates those would like to build their careers in welding & allied technology.

Welding Training with Placement Bangalore

Welder Skill Development Training Institute in Bangalore

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Our Mission
The mission of Indus Weld Tech is to assist learners in the development of the skills and knowledge necessary for employment and professional growth.
Unique Features
  • Provides hands on experience to the welders to reach the maximum accuracy of their day to day welding job.
  • Training program will enhance expertise on the advance technology modern equipments.

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